New RITMÜLLER and PETROF pianos. Prices start from 26 000 zł. Black polyester and all other wood colors are available on request. We also sell used pianos - reconditioned with new polyester paint, repaired resonance bottom, painted frame, new strings, tuning pins, hammers, dampers, and the keyboard.



Czarny satin, angielski mechanizm, double repetition. Niemiecki, wspolczesny instrument. Dlugość 160. Oryginalna piękna biała klawiatura, nowe mlotki i struny. Stroj 440 Hz. Gwarancja.

Gross price 17000 PLN

 Yamaha Piano 7 years - half the price!


Yamaha Piano 7 years
Black gloss, double repetition. 

A professional instrument, very eagerly bought by pianists and piano teachers. This is a 7-year instrument with the serial number 6 million. Made in Japan! It does not have any signs of wear or even the smallest scratches on the casing. It has a great deep sound. Professional mechanism, super precise with a good double repetition. The third pedal with memory.


Sensational price!
Gross price 37800 PLN

The value of the new Yamaha grand piano
as high as 70 thousand. 


The offer includes:


A new, black gloss
Price - 29 500 PLN only!
(net price - no VAT)


145 cm, used,
black polyester, square legs,
modern mechanism.
19.000 PLN price!


160 cm, used,
black polyester,
Half-English mechanism.
8.000 PLN price!


Modern piano,
double repetition.
17.000 PLN price!

  The new mechanism,
polyester lacquer
Only 9000 PLN!
(net price - no VAT)

  Piano Mendelssohn gp 152
black polished

27500 PLN price!

  Piano Steinmann

17000 PLN price!




For all instruments leaving the company, both new and used or repaired
PianoRolf gives warranties.
In a sale price we provide the transport, service and tuning of piano
after the transport

For the convenience of our customers PianoRolf offers installment sales.

On customer request the company is able to buy the old piano when selling a new.