During 30 years of its existence the company  Piano Rolf has gained the well deserved status of the most reliable and largest one not only in Rzeszow, but in the whole Carpathian and neighboring voivodeships. The object of the company are mechanical keyboards - the upright pianos and the pianos.

The scope of activities includes:

Pianos and upright pianos for sale: new and used
Warranty servicing
Inspections, maintenance and tuning
Repairs and renovations at the client's or in our workshop
General repairs of the upright pianos and the pianos
Expert opinions, advices, and valuation

The company offers the upright pianos and the grand pianos such as:
August Foerster, Bechstein, Bohemia, CrystalPiano, Diapason, Estonia, Eterna, Grotrian Steinweg, Hoffmann, Ibach, Irmler, Kawai, Kingsburg, Malmsjo, Mendelssohn, Niendorf, Nordiska, Petrof, PianoDisc, Rippen, Ritmueller, Roenisch, Roesler, Schiedmayer, Schimmel, Scholze, Schulze, Seiler, Steinberg, Steinmann, Steinway, Stingl, Vogel, Weinbach, Wendl&Lung, Yamaha, Zimmermann.

          Rolf Piano performs general repairs of mechanical keyboards, ongoing repairs and tuning service. The company takes care of the pianos in many schools, kindergartens and artistic institutions.
          Salon of Pianos "Piano Rolf" in Rzeszów has the largest selection of the upright pianos and pianos (new and used) in Podkarpackie voivodeship. Prices start from 2900 Pln. The company also buys used upright pianos and pianos.

We buy, sell, repair, tune and rent
the upright pianos and the grand pianos for concerts.


We have a professional transport.



For all instruments leaving the company, both new and used or repaired
PianoRolf gives warranties.
In a sale price we provide the transport, service and tuning of piano
after the transport

For the convenience of our customers PianoRolf offers installment sales.

On customer request the company is able to buy the old piano when selling a new.