The upright pianos and the grand pianos with an absolute novelty on the world market!!

Player system PianoDiscCD

          For this instrument you don't need a pianist. The instrument can play alone or with the accompaniment of other instruments. The repertoire counts the over one million songs of each genre - from the most popular hits, jazz, musical, Latin and classical music, soft background music, to calm and lyrical songs for the evening by candlelight.

          The grand piano or the upright piano with the "invisible pianist" can be delivered to every corner of our country, for every good hotel, restaurant and private lounge. Every pianist will sit at the instrument with pleasure, and when one evening he was gone, with the one pressing the PLAY button on the remote control it is possible to start playing, if it was played by the best musicians.

          The company PianoRolf represents PianoDisc Silent-System and 'player' systems PianoDisc CD and offers them in Poland at incredibly low prices. For more information about 'player' systems on www.pianodisc.de

          The grand pianos and the upright pianos equiped with 'player' systems was a hit of the last Music Fair in Frankfurt. Tey can be seen and heard in many prestigious hotels and restaurants around the world. We also have such instruments on display at our headquarter in Rzeszów.


Antique and precious 'player' system


          Nearly 100 years old upright piano equiped with 'player' system - Pianola. Perforated paper roll controls the pneumatical systems, that moves hammers. The instrument can also play normally and you can enjoy its powerful sound. Unfortunately it is not possible to deliver it abroad, because of its age.
           Our company has prepared a piano on the technical side. We performed: renovation of the entire case in a black gloss. Antique Pianola was perfectly in tune. Rolf Piano Company will give a long warranty. We provide constant care of our tuner on the instrument! Price: 35 000 PLN

In special offer also YAMAHA DISKLAVIER

          Yamaha Disklavier is the upright piano equiped with 'player' system - the recording capability. Price of the new one is over 40 000 PLN. At Piano Rolf you have the incredible opportunity to buy such an instrument for only 19 500 PLN. The instrument was made in Japan and is under warranty. 



For all instruments leaving the company, both new and used or repaired
PianoRolf gives warranties.
In a sale price we provide the transport, service and tuning of piano
after the transport

For the convenience of our customers PianoRolf offers installment sales.

On customer request the company is able to buy the old piano when selling a new.