Tuning of the upright pianos and the grand pianos

          Piano-Rolf offers the high-quality tuning of the upright pianos and the grand pianos, consistent with the global standard A 440 Hz. This tune makes the sound of the instrument being optimal and most carrier. To maintain the upright piano or the grand piano in top condition one should to perform the tune at least twice a year. Just like a car, the upright piano or the grand piano needs a systematical surveys to operate satisfactorily, and to sustain its high value for years. Well-kept musical instrument sounds much better, and better sound quality lets you enjoy the joy and inspiration from its use.

If you want to tune your instrument
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Renovation of the upright pianos and the grand pianos

          Piano-Rolf Company performs also a complete renovation of upright and grand pianos. Every upright piano or grand piano restoration is a new challenge. Instruments restored in our workshop during over 30 years of its existence have been counted in the hundreds. For this reason, we have a vast experience and knowledge. We haven't met the instrument which we could not restore its former glory.

1) General repairs
Acoustics repairs. Repair of resonance bottom, exchange of pins, strings, ?strojnic?, welding cast iron framework, exchange of bass strings.
* Repairs of enclosures. We do all the carpentry work, the repair and replenishment of marquetry, inlays, varnishing, coating (polyester varnish and polyurethane furniture, all colors available).
* Repairs of mechanisms along with keyboards. We do a replacement and/or supplement the figures, keys/keyboards, complementing the bone and plexiglas. We are able to replace hammers mechanisms and dampers also.

2) Current repairs
* Emergency maintenance and servicing of the upright and grand pianos, together with tuning of mechanisms.
3) We provide expert opinions
4) We also provide custom service - ordered individually.





The instrument after the general repair is under warranty.


For all instruments leaving the company, both new and used or repaired
PianoRolf gives warranties.
In a sale price we provide the transport, service and tuning of piano
after the transport

For the convenience of our customers PianoRolf offers installment sales.

On customer request the company is able to buy the old piano when selling a new.