Crystal Piano

New glass piano - the only one in Poland!

New glass upright piano - the only one in Poland!

         Very elegant new upright piano "CRYSTAL PIANO". We are extremely proud that we are the only company in Poland  we can present this futuristic instrument. This is a classical upright piano with hammer mechanism and a transparent casing. It is very well suited to modern interiors.

           The instrument was presented at the recent NAMM music show in California. An upright glass piano was also presented in Poland in the Carpathian Philharmonic in Rzeszów. 

          Currently, Crystal Piano can be seen on display in our Salon of Upright pianos and pianos "Piano Rolf".

Rolf Piano Company
prepared and tuned this instruement
and warrants  its perfect operation.

Price: 27 500 zł



For all instruments leaving the company, both new and used or repaired
PianoRolf gives warranties.
In a sale price we provide the transport, service and tuning of piano
after the transport

For the convenience of our customers PianoRolf offers installment sales.

On customer request the company is able to buy the old piano when selling a new.